32 And Still Feeling Blue

How I Think My Life Is Turning Around For The Better

First of all, Happy Easter!

I don’t remember much of what was said about easter in church when I was young and believing hard in religious institutions, but what I know is that God has risen from the dead, today, and he’s back to slay!

I also have forgotten how easter eggs and bunnies came out of that but I made a quick Bing search which summed it up for me and you coz I know you don’t know, too.

Now, since the god of heaven and earth and everything in between is now back up, I feel another sense of renewed energy and hope for the future. Jk. I felt already very hopeful a couple of weeks ago when I returned to Cebu and it has nothing to do about today.

That trip made me reconnect with a lot of things and a lot of friends. It gave me a boost of energy to get things going back up in my life after an entire year of downtime. I realized that that was exactly what I needed. Being extrovert and competitive in nature, I just found the right inspiration to move beyond today.

Now that I’m back, what’s next?

I’m not sure if it’s entirely coincidental or if it was purely a work manifestation, but after my trip to Cebu and a couple of job interviews, I finally got jobs to actually do!

The best part was being able to go on a work trip to a province in Luzon called Nueva Ecija! For the first time in my life, I got to travel to one of the provinces up north! It was helluva fun, being on the bus for 5 hours right after an hour~ flight. I was literally flown from my province to go to another province. The scenery was pretty much the same with trees and birds, but way hotter.

The bus ride was excruciatingly slow, but I just mostly chilled out and passed in and out of sleep. I felt like I got to emerge into the provincial Luzon commuting lifestyle: getting into jeeps, walking into streets, and getting on the bus like a pro, but didn’t actually know where to go and what to do. I miss this kind of feeling during solo travels. I wish to do it more in the near future.

One of the many things I was excited about being in Manila, was, of course, finally seeing my friends who are already based there!

It has been a long time since I saw them. Back to pre-pandemic, we spent most of our time volunteering together and doing the same things for a cause. And we never really lost touch with each other. I just wished we could do more trips together like a long trip to Luzon, or a short road trip somewhere near.

Perhaps, the travel, the new job, and the reconnecting with friends are actually the best 32nd birthday gift I have received. When you have lost touch with the things that matter in life, it becomes easy to appreciate them so much.

It’s pretty early to say what the year would look like for me, but as long as I have my eyes on the goal and the price, I’m sure I would do one helluva thing to make things work.

This season has made me realize that things will always get better. The wheel may turn, and sticks may burn char but we will always endure and get back up.

I hope you will also find renewed energy from the people you love, the places you’ve been to, and the environment you are comfortable with. Let’s enjoy moments while we still can!

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