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5 Reasons Why I Love Siquijor Island and Why You Should, Too!

One of the most beautiful sunsets in San Juan, Siquijor.

It’s true what they say, Siquijor is a magical place.

My friends and I decided to spend the entire Valentine’s week in Siquijor. Because we were single and ready to mingle, we had a really good reason to travel to somewhere nice. All alone together. And what better place to travel than Siquijor, the land of love potions, witchcraft, and wizardry? lol

We ended up zero in the love game during the love season, actually, but what I brought home with me was something so incredible.

There was something about the entire island that put me in complete awe: the eerie stillness of the water; the vivid orange that popped every sunset; and the soft hues in the early morning. Midday, the water sparked brightly in the distance. Everything was entirely beautiful, intensified by… magic. ✨

San Juan, Siquijor Island sunset. Isn’t that so divine? This photo does not do justice to the actual scenery: a tranquil peaceful place with soothing sunsets that make you feel alive; in the moment. Right here, right now😍

I had been to Boracay 5x, Siargao 3x, El Nido, Camiguin and Bohol once. I had gone on road trips with friends frequently around the beautiful Cebu beaches down south and up north, including Bantayan Island. I’ve had my share of lovely beaches, sunsets, and nature around the country except Luzon, cuz idk it seems scary up there lol

All those beautiful places have their own characteristics. People visit them because they offer something different and wonderful every time. They all vary in so many ways. However, Siquijor Island simply stood out for me, even deeper than I imagined.

It took me a couple of weeks to finally be able to put into words how I feel about Siquijor (albeit I kept calling it Camiguin or Siargao when I talked to friends). But I managed to digest them and come up with 5 reasons why I love Siquijor and why I think you should visit the island as one of your next holiday destinations.

Everything is Affordable — Especially the Food 🥘

One of the many things that surprised me was the prices of everything — the food, especially. With the awful PH economy and inflation, I expected everything would be pricey. I was already expecting it to be Siargiao-level expensive but lo and behold, it’s livable and cheap.

I’m a cheapskate. Being born into a family of workers, I tend to value where I put my money on. But the catch is I don’t really stop myself from getting what I want. If I want it, I get it. Pesto pasta? Yes! 😋 

Rigatoni with fresh pesto at Dolce Amore in San Juan Siquijor is so much love!

Happily, Siquijor Island is not very expensive at all. On the first night, we passed by a neighbourhood barbecue stand along the two-lane main road. We paid less than 300php for dinner with my two girlfriends. The scrumptious homemade BBQ filled our tummy.

Italian pizza and pasta on the table

Authentic Italian pizza and pasta at Dolce Amore in San Juan, Siquijor. 👌

Okay, this one isn’t really cheap. But we’re singles, of course, we had to go pizza, pasta & wine night on a Valentine’s Day!

Besides the fancy dinners in fancy places, everything is affordable.

People Are Everything 👩🏻‍💼

People are naturally nice, especially in touristy places. Whilst locals in Siquijor are no exception, they are hands down one of the best people. They make sure that you have the best time in your stay.

Being far away from home, it’s important that you feel safe and secure with the people around you. I felt an immense trust in the people I met and talked to. From locals to fellow tourists, they were oozing with good vibes.

And the beach dogs are love!

Meet Choo, the Coral Cay momy doggo. Not her real name tho, but she responds with Choo. iykyk 🥲❤️‍🩹

Accessible Short Drive To Beautiful Destinations 🏍️

Going around Siquijor Island is easy. It takes a motorbike to go from one point to another. In my experience, Siquijor drives are pretty cool. The longest drive would probably be 45 mins depends on how fast you are driving. You can tour the entire island in a day with a few stops.

Liloan Forest Reserve, Siquijor Island

Before reaching the Hidden Beach (popular on Tiktok) we had to cross a forest. It was so amazing. Being in the middle of the forest, surrounded by towering trees, and dried leaves, felt like I was in a movie where I got to be the main character of course.

POV from a cliff that leads down to the beach. There’s a beach there somewhere.

The Calmness Is Healing

As I mentioned in my long intro, the eerie calmness of the beachfront in San Juan, Siquijor makes me feel so grounded. It was surprising how the water by the beach was so calm. It was completely the opposite of the huge waves you had to cross to get to the island.

The sunsets were magnificent. The mornings were misty. It felt like the entire island was covered with a magical healing blanket that whoever got in would feel a different kind

Or maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m just on a different level of peace in the moment I tend to appreciate and connect with what’s around me.

And I want the same peace and tranquillity for a bit.

Early morning view from the beachfront in San Juan, Siquijor.

They Have Really Good Biscocho

There’s a cute cafe along the road that sells biscocho in packs. I mean, it’s a pretty basic biscocho, small toasted bread coated with brown sugar, but it’s a good find. I like finding the good stuff and gravitating towards them lol

They sold the biscocho for 25php per pack, but right before I left the island they increased it to 35php! That’s inflation right before my eyes — in real time!

Jainin’s Cafe in San Juan, Siquijor.

I Can’t Get Enough Of Siquijor: What’s Next?

If you have read my email, you probably know by now what will happen next in my Siquijor journey. But if you haven’t received the newsletter, then no biggie. I am going to share bits and pieces of life in Siquijor, anyway, and be an advocate of the entire place.

So I’ll see you on the next one!

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