Happy New Year! Welcome, 2024.

This year is going to be more productive!

2023 Highlights

2023 was a year of healing, creating new connections and opportunities, flourishing old ones, and spending more quality time with the ones who mattered most.

People have been a great part of my healing and moving on from the year prior. They made me feel they were always there and I was a part of something.

I made a simple reel dedicated to the old and new people in my life who made me part of something valuable in 2023. This reel may not be a complete summary of my 2023, but it’s pretty much it lol

The first quarter of 2023 was filled with everything new. I landed a few work opportunities and tried to make the best out of them. After being jobless the entire 2022, having a few jobs at the same time early this year was completely validating. It made me realize that I still got it. It made me feel important; I was doing something relevant.

As someone who was used to being in the corporate, being part of the workforce was something to celebrate apart from the paychecks of course.

A huge chunk of the year was spent doing Search Engine Optimization jobs for an Australia-based digital marketing agency. I gained so much knowledge about everything SEO. The best part was that I am continuously learning, and gearing towards learning more about Pay Per Click/Google Ads.

To me, the most important part of working is continuous learning and I am in the perfect place where I get to learn more about SEO and Google Ads in the digital marketing space, especially since this industry is evolving and the only thing you can do is evolve with it in order to stay relevant.

One of my most fulfilling achievements this year — just very recently — is being able to help complete my friend’s website for her and her sister’s start-up agency. Their agency provides flexible remote workforce solutions for businesses of all scales. They help businesses thrive and ensure that daily tasks are taken care of so, businesses can function more efficiently and resources are allocated more strategically.

Having worked with Karla in the past — and in this current project together with Kristine, who has vast experience in sales and marketing — I am pretty confident that the quality of work is impeccable.

One of the things I liked about doing the website was implementing the concept, and making sure that both technical and on-page SEOs were in effect. Whilst it was completed on NYE —which was pretty tight — there were still a lot of opportunities to expand and optimize the content to make it more valuable to the target users.

Overall, 2023 was a great year — and glad to have ended it with a blast!

Welcome, 2024!

I feel very optimistic and excited this year!

Another year, another goals to achieve; milestones that keep me going forward.

For people like me who get really excited about achieving little goals, being able to do what I want is an integral part of why I do the things that I do.

Doing what I’m passionate about helps me achieve my goals.

With having defined goals and clear objectives of what I want to happen this year, this year is going to be more productive!

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