What Motivates You To Move Forward?

Feeling stuck? Take a step back and think of the things that motivate you to drive forward.

Are you stuck, baby gurl?

Is today one of the many days you don’t feel like yourself and you don’t know what the point is in moving forward? Or perhaps you feel stuck and you can’t move forward because it feels like there’s a huge wall right in front of where you’re heading?

I feel you. I am also that baby gurl.

But there’s a way forward. Read to learn more!

For several weeks now I have been feeling shitty about myself and everthing else. It feels like my life has stopped suddenly after trying to climb back up and make things better for me and the people around me. I don’t even know why I feel this shitty lately.

I know that there’s literally nothing to be sad about. But it feels like my heart is completely detached from my head. The heart feels what it wants and there’s nothing I can do about it but suffer in silence. I don’t see myself thriving and moving far and wide.

But I don’t just suck it up and let it consume me. Instead, I think of the many things that keep me going.

Here are what keeps me motivated to continue and live life every day. This might work for you!

Family Matters

Including my chosen family — friends who have been with me through the years. My support system is way incredible for me to give up on everything. I would not last this long by myself. Whenever I think about how people have helped me in so many different ways, I always feel a surge of gratitude.

The only thing I need to do to give back is to become better every day. I always feel loved by the people around me. And it’s more than enough for me to keep looking for better days. 🌻

Challenging And Meaningful Work

In the last couple of months, I had been so occupied with work. I juggled two jobs and barely caught sleep. Despite having only the weekend for sleep, I felt really productive. It seemed like my life had a purpose. Apart from the pay, it felt really amazing to be doing what I liked to do, after an entire year of doing nothing and being entirely anxious.

Clearing tasks every day kept me grounded and helped me focus. It also kept me from overthinking a lot about unnecessary things. Being busy is a blessing in disguise. So, to me, it’s important to find something that I liike to do whether it be volunteering, a day job, or simple things I like to do on a daily be basis. 👨‍💻

Internal Motivation

Most importantly, I always remind myself that I am enough and that I can do many great things. If there are days when I feel inadequate, I just pause, breathe, and look back at the things and people that make me feel enough.

I also love spoiling myself through different things. A cup of coffee? A couple of hours of funny reels? Yoga? Quick walk? Sleepover? Or late night movie marathon? I’m all in.

It’s important to remember that at the end of the day, we all have ourselves to be thankful for and let it be known that we love ourselves more! 🫶🏼

So those are the few ways that worked for me.

How about you? How do you motivate yourself?

Let me know!

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